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  1. If you don't like it then just don't watch. Not everything on tv is suppose to be watched with the whole family. These shows contain adult themes and are intended for adults not kids or the whole family. As for Pakistan, most people have access to cable that has channels from all over the world and they show things that are far more bold than this.

  2. Haan tumhari wahabi lun phuddi.

  3. It's YOUR responsibility to control what your kids watch on tv. Not all shows are meant to be watched with the whole family. If you don't like the theme of the show than simply don't watch it yourself or with your kids. Stop blaming others for your lack of parenting.

  4. Baat aur kuch nahi tumhara dimaag phira hua hai. baat aksariyat ki hoti hai aur majority do not like these things. Agar 3 gawah hon to woh to jhootay ko bhi sacha saabit kar saktay hain aur tum hum sab ko jhutla rahay ho. sahih kehtay ho apna dimaag use karo, baat to dimaag ki hoti hai.

  5. TV is not a computer which can be locked by password , human life is the bussiest so how can anyone always be with kids..this is the only country in world which came into being on the name of religion ISLAM and millions gave their blood to gain it…its our responsibility to follow the sun-nah at our most.we have forgotten our history & such a nation can't survive without remembering their history of their ancestors..

  6. Fuck Pakistani….Madarchod saale!


  8. Frustrated bitch…hahaha

  9. what is the name of this nude drama admin…

  10. Lanet in 2no ki sheklo pr.

  11. she should get married to a negro.

  12. Fuck you asshole…Muslim prick

  13. kya khy ic koom ko ..bs ic koom ko dekh kr dil khoon k ansu roth hy

  14. You cant watch this kinda scenes with your mother n father n brothers n sisters Astaghfar, trying to be "gorafied" we people don't suit this at all

  15. kitna bold hai..hahahaha. Chutiye saale

  16. just observe the background music . also of Indian song

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  18. All the background music from indian bollywood
    Fucking retard cheaters pakis lol

  19. girl is beautiful !

    Im indian …. but watch qubool hai… its amazing ! this is not as good in comparison

    btw im hindu christian muslim mix and i love qubool hai

  20. I do not see anything vulgar here. Like seriously people, no kiss nothing related to sex!!Grow up children.

  21. If Pakistani people think they are not Muslim because they show this in tv, they are fooling themselves, because Arabs enjoy more vulguar things in their tv s, they all follow and watch hollywood. In turkey, they show make out and sex scenes in their National Television.Like seriously, is Pakistan following Afghanistan or what? Even other developed Muslim countries have moved on.

  22. Yar mera khara ho gea hai

  23. The girl is extremely beautiful

  24. I gone blind. Help. What besharami

  25. Grow Up People!!! It's just a hug. There is nothing vulgar.

  26. dont even compare urself with afghanistan, u learned how to live after destrying our country, our culture and even destroying muslims. when u give some comment dont mentions names or countries, at least u can do thar

  27. Back ground music dainkhny walo …. Aj agr Pakistani singer na hon India k pass tu …

  28. what a beautiful girl…wow..amazing 

  29. @Raul Pan..r you our raul baba of Antonia miano

  30. what is the name if this drama?????

  31. shamoon abbasi is known for his lust

  32. This is really immoral and worse
    Media is crossing limits

  33. well as compare to some other entertainment industries in the world this scene is pretty normal there isn't anything wrong with it ..some ppl have problem with the background music well we all know how indian composers have copied pakistani music if we used their music ..not a big deal !!

  34. Such a hypocrisy of Pakistanis. They object even girl and boy to hug when they are in love. On the other hand, Pakistan is the top most country in searching pornography such as animal porn and gay porn as per the google search results released by Google and no other country is even dare to be close it in since the year Google has started sharing such trends and results.

    What a shame to Pakistani media.

  35. can some one plz tell me the name if this drama?

  36. C'mon people, there's nothing immoral or vulgar on this. I mean, I don't understand what they are saying, but it was just a hug! Hollywood and Turkish cinema do things much worse than this…

  37. What is so bold and vulgar about that?

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