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  1. @Dark2Dangerous
    I am a Pakistani…. But I can assume that they think good of Pakistanis, as Muslim brothers!

  2. @Dark2Dangerous I have read some interviews and near me they simply love Pakistanis as we love them.

  3. @Dark2Dangerous ALLEYKUMU SALAAM from Bosnia

  4. @Dark2Dangerous
    whats there to think,people like any other people with good and bad

    selam from a bosnian -if you want the original song from a rock band here it is /watch?v=z1aKQXtB1xA

  5. @Dark2Dangerous you are our brothers and sisters. We only wish the best for you

  6. @Dark2Dangerous we love you pakistan you are or brothers selam


  8. Ja sam pakistanac i zelim da ucim bosanski jezik zato sto volim bosansku kulturu. Molim vas, kako se kaze ova pjesma? Hvala lijepo!

  9. na žalost nemam sestru. Mi smo tri bratovi.  čitam i studiram udžbenik da zove "Bosnian Croatian Serbian by Alexander and Bursac" 

  10. Prvi, volim jezikov, i nadam putovati u Bosni i Hercogovini.  Drugi, želim da govorim sa ljudom zato što hoću pisati o Balkanu i takođe.

  11. Druga stvar, kako se zove ova pjesma 

  12. Molim vas, dajte ramazanske pozdrave do vaše familije.

  13. Thank you dear brother i wish Allah peace and blessings upon every Bosnian and the rest of the Muslims across the world, Ameen

  14. We bosnian love all people.especialy muslims,and pakistanis and other have helped us in war,,so do u need more reason ?? -.- wtf

  15. Allah Bless you we will be there to help you whenever you will need.

  16. thank u so much 🙂 . that means a lot for us… Allah bless u too, my brother .

  17. the name is "Piši mi"from croatian band Drugi način

  18. I am sharing it with some fellows from Bosnia, you will know 🙂

  19. hahahahahah nice one me too am wondering what makes them in contact

  20. Literally love Pakistan. A Bosnian guy though non muslim told me that he has a great respect for Pakistan for being there in trouble when no one else. Since 9/11 things chane a bit but still respect is there.

  21. Pakistan actually helped Bosnia in their war back in 1992-1995. Pakistan was unable to take military action directly against opposing forces, so they send SSG Commando specialists to do peacekeeping, etc. Pakistan also sent hidden containers with ammunition and such to Bosnia during this war. Ever since then, the relations of Pakistan and Bosnia have became stronger.

  22. for this who say its croatian song not Bosnian, watch this vid /watch?v=GtMBxPWpS0c

  23. my favourite pakistani dramma Alfa bravo Charlie love you bosnia

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