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“Bus Stop” | Short Film | Love Story | Suspense | Maira Khan | Pakistani Drama | HD

Watch Romantic Movie : “Bus Stop”

Synopsis: Story of a simple sober girl and a simple boy, both met on bus stop and from there started the love story.
Muqeem informed his mother about his liking but his mother became angry.

Muqeem and his mother went to meet Arifa’s mother but she met Arifa there and they had a long conversation. She was shocked to see Nasra (Arifa’s Mother) there. She got angry on her remembering the past.

Kishwar started remembering how she introduced both and how Manzoor and Nasra started loving each other. She warned Arifa not to meet Muqeem again and she went.

Arifa started keeping distance from him. Arifa was shocked to see Kishwar at her home and consoling her mother. She agreed for Arifa and Muqeem’s Marriage.

Producer: Gulzaib Nawaz, Director: S.Mazhar Moin
Starcast: Maira Khan, Mumtaz Kanwal, Tanveer Abbas, Seema Sehar, Baby Ayesha, Baby Farwa, Anwar Baloch, Salma Zafar

Taglines: Relationship, Married Life, Pakistani Dramas, Shortfilms, Drama Series, Love Story

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  1. excellent story and also my love story start from same nursery bus stop

  2. Awsome story,and unbelievable Hindi songs of ki shore kumar

  3. Great story and a few lessons to learn…Don't punish someone else for other's mistakes. Truth is always rewarded….Innocent boy…Beautiful Indian songs, but western music here and there is shameful.

  4. Why the FUCK we can't promote our own songs?

  5. ye larki to purwi ki trah he

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