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Dil Banjaara Episode 16 Full HD HUM TV Drama 3 February 2017

Dil Banjaara Episode 16 Full – Dil Banjaara is a latest drama serial by Hum TV and Hum TV Dramas are well-known for its quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment production. Today Hum TV is broadcasting the 16 Episode of Dil Banjaara Drama. Watch Dil Banjaara Episode 16 Full in HD quality 3 February 2017 at Hum TV Dramas official channel.

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  1. I cried on the nida's mother's performance !
    weldone character Faseeha 👍👍

  2. Why can't we watch the latest episode???

  3. Why is it not available in Pakistan???

  4. This episode was too good ….loved each family moment …why cant elders get it ki ladkiyon ki bhi life hoti hai and they also deserve to be happy

  5. why havent u posted dil banjara's epi 17 ???

  6. aqal sa paidal ha ya taya to sub khuch daik leny ka bawjod achy ki umed ma ha

  7. acha ho wa shading cancel ho gai

  8. awesome episode nida's acting was fantabulous i love the way that zahra supported nida's opinion nd at last zahra raised her voice against her father's ill mentality…..one the best episode of this drama👍

  9. awesome serial and nice story but sanam saeed she is very great actress

  10. heart touching serial yr wah zabrdast ilove this serial and salam hai mera Hum tv ko

  11. how many more episodes

  12. why r u not uploading next episodes

  13. I thought you might like this Public Account DaWaT. viber://public?id=dawat-e-eshq&source=share_trigger

  14. 17 episode kun nhi show horaha

  15. Zehra ne Bohot acha kiya….!!!

  16. Dil banjara episode 18 is missing. Whats a problem?

  17. no words to express my feelings….bht h achaa episode Jes k dikh k bht c jaga PR Rona b aaiya 😔😢

  18. kya hai Bhai ? 18harween episode Pakistan main unavailable kyun hai?

  19. Please upload episode 17 and 18 !!

  20. plzz upload last friday episode plzzz plzzz

  21. plz today episode of dilbanjra released on youtube

  22. y i cant watch its further episode on youtube???? any one can help me out?

  23. 17 epiose ku ni uplod kr rhy ??????????????????????????????????????????//

  24. 17 and 18 episode is missing where i can find plz can anyone tell me???

  25. +hum tv when are u going to make ep 17 ,18 ,19 available in pakistan on youtube.?

  26. aryyy 18 episode kab aae geee ??!!

  27. mehr khan..! . ALLAH asa karta he kya insan se??

  28. good
    zahra and nida….very good lesson,😍😍

  29. nida"friend has done good job

  30. Everyone should have a friend like Nida's friend.

  31. beti always remain beti can't be a beta but in these days this fucking media is showing beti is brave like a beta brain wash other good girls sitting at home watching this shitty stuff at tv.girls should b raise up like girls not like boys

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