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Dunya News Headlines and Bulletin – 09:00 PM | 14 February 2017

Dunya News is the famous and one of the most credible news channels of Pakistan. Watch latest National, International, Sports, Entertainment and Crime News, and talk shows on current affairs and entertainment.

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  1. Once again, more innocent Pakistanis are killed, maimed or injured – and once again the politicians, be it government or the opposition exonerate themselves of any wrongdoing, blame or to accept responsibility for these tragedies in Lahore, Quetta, and Karachi! And so the cycle goes on – and it surely will carry on and on as more people, no doubt, will lose their lives, in days to come, weeks to come, months to come and years to come. It seems like no one gives a damn about us and no one ever will! It's now so evident to most Pakistanis that, we all need to act this very instance and to make a firm commitment into halting the terror networks and their sponsors as of now – as in today as of this very moment.. We must all unite, together with the government, the opposition, the security forces, the police, the army, the, intelligence agencies and the judiciary, – and to thereafter work towards terminating the terror networks and their sponsors in the shortest possible of time. Anyone who is not supportive of taking action against the terror is therefore putting innocent lives at risk and for this reason should be exiled from this country. It was incredible – as to how we were able to observe the opposition, the media and the judiciary showing such sincerity in relation to the Panama hearings – as if the whole future of the nation depends on this one very outcome! As if Pakistan is the only unique democracy, whereby politicians embezzle funds. My dear fellows, Democracy by nature stands for the ruling elite – and as such, the elite is above the law! Can anyone name me one democracy where the political or the ruling elite and their backers don't benefit in some way or another through their corrupt practices, fro example, be it the USA, Britain or Australia? In fact, if PanamaGate had been alleged against a British or US Minister or a President, then, I can say with full confidence that it would have all been quickly brushed under the carpet. Please, it's about time that we forgot all that PanamaGate malarkey – as in the big stakes of Pakistan's future as a nation, there is a somewhat bigger picture – that's more crucial for us at this point in time. What's most essential for our country currently is, Pakistani security, stability and then the other everyday amenities will naturally lead us to effective justice, Health, career, education, transport, and infrastructure etc. If we all agree that the opposition is guilty of point scoring and political opportunism, then likewise, by the same token, we can state that the government is equally guilty of neglecting the welfare and security of people of Pakistan. The Government, should have made a full commitment to fighting and defeating terror networks and their sponsors completely, after so many innocent school children were massacred. However, the government as the ruling party have failed miserably in this respect. Our present experience tells us that the government, the opposition, the judiciary, the security apparatus as well as the media have all failed us. Not one of these bodies has debated or pushed past their particulars agendas such as their commitment to Panama. As far as the people of Pakistan are concerned most of these bodies are power mongers – greedy and just plain selfish. It's about time that we the Pakistani people deserve, a custodian of our country that we can totally trust and rely upon to protect us – someone we can whole heartedly call our true 'Guardian Angel.'

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