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Infamous Five – Pakistani Dramas and Their Standards

Show: The Infamous Five

Participants: Faiza Khan, Hibah Naz, Sana Younus and Bilal Meer

Topic: Pakistani Dramas and Their Standards

Description: There was a time when Pakistani dramas were a hit. People belonging to other countries like Bangladesh and India were crazy about watching them; they would often convey messages about the many aspects of life. However, it seems that our dramas don’t have the same incentive anymore.

Do you think Pakistani dramas have any informational touch to them like they did before?

Language: Urdu


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  9. Pakistani dramas ka koe muqabla nhi

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  11. Pakistani dramas family dramas hain

  12. Tm loghoon ko koe cheeez tangh krti hai… Jo hr waqt tm loogh Pakistan k khalaf baat krtay rehtay ho

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