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Kuch Na Kaho Episode 29 Full HD HUM TV Drama 7 February 2017

Kuch Na Kaho Episode 29 Full – Kuch Na Kaho is a latest drama serial by Hum TV and Hum TV Dramas are well-known for its quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment production. Today Hum TV is broadcasting the 29 Full Episode of Kuch Na Kaho Drama. Watch Kuch Na Kaho Episode 29 full in HD quality 7 February 2017 at Hum TV Dramas official channel.

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  1. bodha karne ka bas ek hi tariqa h chashma laga do bas 🔞 sal hogai wah darama banane wale, fr magar kuch na kaho,

  2. mohsin ki dumm 18 sal bad b sidi ni huwi…

  3. mohsin nature should b change now….

  4. Wtffff mohsin- so stupid 🖕🏼 don't like the drama anymore

  5. 18 saal bhd b aina ka dopta Chang nae hua🐆🐆

  6. What rubbish. I hate this drama. I was totally in love with it. Wanted to see how Mohsin and Aina fall in love with each other, how Mohsin accepts her and express his love. But sadly they have skipped 18 years of their lives. It is like watching saya dewar bhi nahi. Really annoying and sad.i am not going to watch anymore and waste my time.

  7. Okay so the time lapse happened. I am severely disappointed that Mohsin and Aina's love story wasnt stretched long enough to give the us the satisfaction that we were hoping for. It was abrupt, unnecessary. There are only a few stories that show the kind of love that makes us, the viewers fall in love with it too. Unfortunately, here it was like throwing water onto a fire that had finally started burning. I am upset. One cannot blame the actors as much as the writers for failing to see what the audience wants to see onsceen. Here, I blame the director and the writer both. For over 28 episodes we waited to see the love develop between these two characters! The least they could've done was given them ample screen time together alone to show that the relationship bloomed into a beautiful one. Perhaps then the time lapse wouldnt have been such a blow to everyone watching. Then you have the kids. Okay so we are still waiting for Imran the idiot to find out he has a son and Mohsin is still shown to be a strict father despite Aina's efforts to raise his kid according to his standards (duppata on the head and not ending the girl to college but getting her married off). He has the same stance he had towards Aina when she was in college. But showing him as a changed man, even a little, would've been some kind of consolation for the audience. Lets see how the kids affect the story and its unfolding. Once again, while I am disappointed with the leap, I must say Navin and Emmad have once again proven to be great actors with a presence onscreen that is hard to miss. Its my love for this couple that I will be watching the play still, nothing else. Good luck to them.

  8. what the hell did the director

  9. very very heart touching scenes when Aina was celebrating her son's birthday 🙁 how could anyone be so cruel like her sister 🙁

  10. love hina altaf
    her expressions her innocence

  11. waqai kuch na kaho ic dramey k Barry ma ….baqwas hi hota ja tha ha

  12. hum tv valy pagl ho gye hn bs

  13. 18 sal bad b mohsin ka jota wohi hai

  14. I'm so astonished and annoyed…..WTF?????main do hafty gayb kya hua drama has forwarded 18 years?????? abhi to romance shuru hua tha, abhi to waday hony thy, aina ki pehli shadi ka pta chlna tha, n phir maafi and more love Honda tha but this is rubbish……I'm gonna reprimand this writer…..what the hell writer think k drama 18yrs agy le chlo……

  15. I'm so disappointed hum……you have dragged this drama for nothing……what the hell yar, after humsafar I found this drama soo romantic but this forwarding thing has just made me sick……..yyyyyyyy just y u have ended their story I'm asking you hum……give me the reasons???????? Pakistani dramas now, like indian dramas , are annoying their viewers by bringing the next generation in them.yar bchy 2 episodes k bad bhi bary ho skty thy but nhi ap logon ko to moqa chahye bore krne ka…..

  16. aj kal har dusray dramay mein hero heroine ko burha kar dete hain.

  17. oo kitchn tu acha bna loooz

  18. 18 saal k baad bhi mohsin aur aaina k baal kaale hain

  19. Gya Drama….. Mar gya saraaaaaaa…

  20. Es dramay py Ijtamae lanat k liye sb tyar hain kia ? 😂

  21. ye Mohsin kuch zada hi attitude dekhta ha sutpid

  22. This Drama proves that you can't change the nature of a person

  23. thora to or dikhatey aina or mohsin ko .bachay itni jaldi barey ,dramay ka sataya nas mar dia

  24. tabi jab haya ke daman mai ati thi tab b yhi dressing krti thi or ab is drame mai b yhi krti hai

  25. drame inter hona k liye kia krna parta h

  26. koi btye k maaz konsy episode mn Pakistan aya tha??

  27. OH HO I though they had twins

  28. what the hell? we were waiting for some romance. :@ urghhh. not gonna watch this anymore.

  29. After so many years mohsin is still a very objectional character

  30. ufffff!!!! @heena_altaf……not again 😒

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