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Mere Humnawa Episode – 23 – 18th February 2017 – ARY Digital Top Pakistani Dramas

Alishba is a highly educated girl whose mother is greedy and wants her to wed a man who will give her all the luxuries of life, her mother is willing got compromise on everything in return of that one wealthy man.

She is lucky that she has a man who is willing to go to the ends of Earth for her, Haris – who is Alishba’s cousin, is head over heels in love with her. But when the odds are against you, nobody can be a help.Due to the fact that Haris is poor, he doesn’t fit perfect for Alishba’s greedy moms requirement.

Director: Abdullah Badini

Writer: Rahat Jabeen

Cast :

Alishba Yousuf
Azfar Rehman
Noman Ijaz
Ayesha Toor
Seemi Pasha


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  1. naima is so ugly… not at all attractive.. usse achi tho zeb hai

  2. I really wish Noman Ijaz k sath kum se kum ek khoobsurat larki to cast kar letay dono hi on screen uskay sath dull lag rahi hain.

  3. What the hell is this why there are ads after every five minutes

  4. drama me tasalsul ki kami ha ek dum seen change ho jayega

  5. ahmad ko naima se shaadi nahi karne chahiye thi

  6. you are right about it najia tariq

  7. very very nice serial hai yr wah

  8. zaib g ap apni aakhon main itna zyada surma kyun lagati hain dear

  9. I hate this drama only.Bcoz of zaib's mother !!!

  10. Naeema hopefully next tie kisi dramay main na aae. bilkul bhi acchi nahi hai.

  11. pakistani darame bakwas hote hai i hate you pakistani darama best andia darma ilove andia

  12. Good drama but riddled with script mistakes/blunders:
    -A pregnant or nursing woman cannot be divorced till she gives birth and stops nursing
    -Three divorces given at once are counted as one divorce
    -Neelum tells Noor Fatima "meri ma nahin hain" when she visits their home but Noor Fatima says after visiting Neelum's home for the 1st time " uski Maa to theek he lageen"
    -Nasira keeps calling Zaib "bhateeji" of Noor Fatima when she's actually her "bhanji"
    Fine tuning is needed in the script. Otherwise, really good drama.

  13. nice drama
    but zaib😕😣😤

  14. Ahmad k sath aisa e hona chaiye Tha 😁

  15. Pakistan ki TV serials ki ek ada mujeh bahout achey lagti hai .. Pakistani ki har wouh ek acting really lagti hai aisi jaisi ki sab Sacha hora ha hai

  16. plz upload d remaining epsds

  17. Harris ki sister real life mein pregnant hy

  18. That's why moto lagati hy

  19. Haris ka boss interested tha shuru se Neelam may.

  20. Harris ka friend neelam mein interested tha na. and Harris kept quiet

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