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Moray Saiyaan Episode 15 – 14th February 2017 – ARY Digital Top Pakistani Drama

Moray Saiyaan is a story of two love birds – Ghaziyan and Zubairia. Like every other woman Zubairia had a dream to be a princess and life gave her something more than she dreamt of. The love of Ghaziyan.A man like Ghaziyan who is ready to accept Zubairia against all odds, who not just madly loves her but fights with everyone to make her his own. He marries her and makes her the happiest woman. It’s hard for Zubairia to believe that someone as loving as him can be in her life.

Writer: Rabia Razzaque

Director: Nadeem Siddique


Uzair Jaswal as Ghaziyan
Neha Rajpoot as Zubairia
Irsaa Ghazal as Zakia
Firdous Jamal as Waris Afridi
Kinza Hashmi as Nimra
Ali Kazmi as Dr. Altamash
Aisha Tor as Dr. Farah


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  1. plz ghaziyan ko mat marna 😑😐

  2. next episode.. .has its an😩😭😭😭😭😭

  3. please say he loveling episode

  4. please nahi marana ghazeen episode 16

  5. 14th and 15 episode is niceèeeeeeee

  6. Oh Yeh kya ho gaya next episode main

  7. plzzzzźzzzzzzzz 😢ghazeyaannko mat marna plz

  8. boht acha drama ha really…..👌👌👌👍

  9. plzz ghazeeyan ko bachly mat marwya ga plz

  10. Too good razyan hope I can't have someone like you …

  11. Plz plzplzplzplz ghaziyan ko mt marega

  12. Dono hi boht achy lg rhy boht owsm drama h

  13. Ye knsa city h kitny pyary ghr h wao so beautiful

  14. nahyyyyyyyy 😱😱 agr gaziyan mar gya to me ny drama he nhi dekhna 😏😏😏

  15. plz gaziyan ko marna na drmey ma plzzzzzzzzz

  16. asy b drama hit haaaaa buhat plz

  17. kuy yeh marny wali baten ker raha ha agar ab larki ko pyar ho gaya ha tu us koo maar dena ha musibat

  18. allah yeh phopho musibat ko,maar dena chahiye is ki annna hi khatam nai ho rehi

  19. Most Beautiful Romantic Drama Specially Zubariya And Ghaziyan Characters it like this.

  20. verrrrrry romantic nd beautifull couple. …..soooooooper drama

  21. omg ghaziyan mar jayega after accident and leave zubaria as pregnant the society will ? on that baby ghaziyan y u did this yaar I watched this serial becz of u only

  22. very good excellent episode
    but i hate why ghazian died
    plzzzz ghazian ko matt maro

  23. jis na be is darama ka bura kha WO pagal ha

  24. n ghaziaaaaan 😱😱😤😤

  25. usy n kch hogaaaa 😦😢😢😠😠😠😠😠

  26. Ghaziyan is looking so nice

  27. my favorite people and drama

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