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Muqabil Episode 11 – 14th February 2017 – ARY Digital Top Pakistani Dramas

Muqabil is a story of Parisa who’s a quite girl and extremely reserved, she has a dominant mother who is full of herself and self made.

Parisa however, gets married to a middle class man Armaan whom she really likes and find her sanity in him. The kick is that this really confuses him that why would a girl who’s as rich as her would opt Armaan has her life partner. The two tie the knot, but the twist comes in when Parisa confesses to Armaan that the cause of her marriage with him was a man who raped her back when she was young.

Director: Ali Hassan

Writer: Zafar Mairaj

Cast :

Saba Hameed
Saifi Hassan
Asif Raza Mir
Shaheen Khan
Mohsin Abbas and others


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  1. awesome true and very very sad story

  2. Hooooo!!!! Arman's acting….awesome…

  3. Azeem butt i agree with you

  4. acha drama ha end acha ho bs ab.

  5. waiting for the next episode

  6. wasi hahahahahahhaahahahahhaaahahahah zabardaas

  7. azim butt zabardaaas bat kahi asaaa to krnaa hi chahiyeeeeeeeee

  8. i find Arman's mom cute..she screams a lot but is actually seedhi saadhi

  9. یہ محبتوں کی باتیں کسی اور دن کریں گے
    ابھی رب سے خیر مانگو میرا دیس جل رہا ہے


  10. asif raza meer is too good

  11. I didnt know Kubra khan is such a fine actress.

  12. boht acha drma ha aj kl ky ameer loghno ky lya

  13. awesome drama so far ..I love armaan acting so innocent ….love paresa cute couple

  14. Kia MATLAB baap ki zani sy bety ka nikah ho jata hy.. please ans acha chaiy. no gali

  15. MATLAB Kia Islam main aisa ho skta hy… lrki or wo baba dono janty thy pher b ye nikah ho gia.

  16. same voice of foot steps in all episodes so far…..😠

  17. armaanz mother is doing well…. bht achi acting ker rahi hai… funny… annoying irritating but true …according to the character and situation. .👍👍👍

  18. Parents don't pay attention to their kids the way they should. It doesn't wht is the reason for this, job or home joint family ka kam. No matter what you do you are working mother or house wife doing 365 kam KIDS come first. Nothing should take your attention away from your children. Maids, cousins uncles are not child's guardian, parents are! Same goes for fathers. talk to your kids about who can touch them and who can't and where or where not in way that they understand. Give them confidence so that they take no ones shit.

  19. صراحه مسلسل مب شئ

  20. arman ki maa ki awaaz bhot tang krti hain
    usky deilog pr mai awaz band kr deti hun😂

  21. armaan ki acting bahoot achi hai

  22. avee h yr ek hee story h hr jga py

  23. what's the parisa's real name ?

  24. es choti bachi ka lagta ha eik he dress ha dress badal doo os ka

  25. natural beautiful hai or darama best of this year

  26. acha friends ek bat note ki jb b arman ata hai jab b to baap ko dekh kr foran button laga leta ha 😍😍😃😃😂😂

  27. Child abuse is much more prevalent than we think, & not many people know that children of both sexes are victim. if all the people who have been moved by this story resolve to be truly vigilant I am sure many such unfortunate cases will be prevented, and that, I think should be considered the objective or one can say moral of the story. lets all those who are moved by this story resolve to spread this message.

  28. yaar is dramay k naam "Swiming Pool ki Kahani" hna chahye tha….

  29. yar parisa k parents ky ghar ka arcitacture design bht acha hai

  30. buhat acha drama hy laiken Arman ka ma dimag harab karta hay

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