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PEMRA Actions on Homesexual Pakistani Drama | Orya Maqbool Jan

Absar Alam Chairman PEMRA Issues Notice to Pakistani TV Channel for on Airing Homosexual Content in which Sania Saeed And Farah Shah performs Homosexual Scene


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  1. the great person the Orya Maqbool Jan

  2. Love and Support for you Orya sir.

  3. Allah pak apko slamat rakhy oriya maqbol jan ap jaisy logu sy hi hai pakistan

  4. aap sahi keh reha hain sultana sadiqui illuminati hai aur yeh log hazret lut ki quam ka anjam bhul ker gay culture ko promot ker rehay hain allah in jaise logon ko tabah o barbad keray aamin

  5. is type ke plays main kam kerne wala actors per bhi ban lugna chahiye animals se bhi bure hain yeh log tu animals birds bhi nature allah ke banaye huwe circle main jina pusand kerte hain in logon ko jail honi chahiye

  6. OK that Homosexual thing I consider is wronge according to our society! but why can't women work in advertisement?. next thing they are gona say is that women can't work in offices in which men work! no wonder Talibans love our country so much. women are suppose to work in all sorts of advertisements. just look at the west how they are progressing according to the 21st century and we are lacking behind in stone age day by day. A country which doesn't gives freedom and empowerment to women will stay in stone age.

  7. Hum log kab tak MUNAFIQ ban kar zinda rahain gay PAKISTAN may MARD sub say ziyada HOMOSEXUAL hain kya T.V. dramay dekh kar MARD HOMOSEXUAL banay hain? ORYA saheb meray is sawal ka jawab dain

  8. yeh banda nice hai orya Jan sahab,hassan nisar ko expose karu Oriya Jan sahab

  9. a little bit of hormone tinkering with Orya Maqbool Jan body will make him a flaming hot homosexual.


  11. oriya maqbool is great person, love you oriya

  12. stop raping the children in Pakistan too….yes the media did bad so is the people… watch the documentary Pakistan's hidden shame

  13. homosexuality exists in our society they have just showed it on screen nothing else

  14. ji hijab wali ko le ke aeo our be garat na ba no

  15. Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been attacked on all fronts by the Zionist Cabal.
    Geographically, Culturally, Ideologically and in every aspect of life.
    Fake Taliban, Terrorists of Daesh, Bloch Insurgents, Controversial debate of two nation theory, portraying Pakistan as a secular state instead of an Islamic Republic. Nudity and Vulgarity in the name of Fashion Shows and arts all started together, fifth generation media and psychological warfare against Pakistan. Looks like the strings of all these overt and covert activities are being pulled by the Same Master Planner.
    Liberalism and extremism both terms are actually the two sides of the same coin.
    Pakistan Zinda baad.

  16. boht saray gunah gunah bhi hotay hain aur insanon ka haq bhi hotay hain. ham jins parasti bhi inhi gunahon main say aik hay aik aisa kaam jo Allah ko napasand hay mgr is Kay sath sath isay insanon ki jism ki zaroorat bhi banaya gaya hay sex khanay peenay Kay baad insanon ki doosri Bari zarrorat /basic need hay aur Isi wajha say human right hay aik aisa haq jis Kay baghair aap dunia main survive na kar sakain jaisay straight log dunia main larkion aur larkion say shadi Kay baghair survive nahin kr saktay. gunahon ko bazor e taqat roknay, dabanay aur kuchalnay wali riastain andar Kay shikast o rekht ka shikaar ho kar khatam ho jaati hain, aisi riaston Kay shahri apni hakumton say mayoos aur bad dil ho jaatay hain ,azaadi ki zameenon ki taraf hijrat kar jaatay hain ya phir apnay mulk Kay andar rehtay huay azaad sarzameenon Kay qaseeday parhnay lgtay hain,buray waqt main hakumton ka sath nahin detay aur yun failed riastain kisi kamzor say hamlay Kay nateejay main bairooni dunia Kay samnay dhair ho jaati hain, Isi liay Pakistan jaisay mulkon ki awam Kay liay America aur maghrib favoured culture ban jaata hay Islam narmi aur bardasht ka sacha mazhab hay kaash Kay is mazhab Kay maannay walay bhi isay apni narmi aur bardasht say dunia ka favoured aur preferred culture bana saktay aur islami culture ka phail jaana hi islami nizam ka qaim ho jaana hay

  17. Shamful geo news and geo tv.

  18. Allah apko deen o duniya may kamyabi de app jo awareness logo may latey ho people really need to know, may allah bless u with lots of happiness in life here n after

  19. agr channel pe ni dikhayen gy to kya homosexuality khtm ho jaye gi ??? bloody sick orya .

  20. i love this show and neo news u r doing good work

  21. allah aap ki khidmat qubool farmaye orya saheb

  22. so we should shut the programs and pretend something like that doesn't exist, in today shut down a channel and people will watch it somewhere else…..its better to address the problem by the scholars and make it clear to people that this is wrong

  23. western countries k pas to paisa or facilities itni hein k ab unko or kuch smj ni ati to homosexuality ko fashion bna liya unka to koi deen emaan ni,hmary mulk ko kya ho gya khany ko hy ni islam hmara deen or ye sb?????
    khudara nzar rakhi jay k nji chanel kya dikha ry hein unko khd agr khof e khuda ni to pemra ks ley hy

  24. Anchor himself looks like GAY!! and this old retard is hypocrite

  25. We really Love u Neo News Tv
    &orya maqbol jan

  26. Assalamoalaikom wa rahmatu Allah Orya Jan It is a Book there is no doubt in it guidance for the people Al Quran is a Book revealed by Allah Almighty Orya Jan is a 1st person whom arguments are matching to me I like him May Allah Almighty help him to convince society towards Islam it is possible to afraid people from painful punishment of hellfire May Allah Almighty increase our faith and knowledge and to do righteous good deeds Aameen JazakaAllah Orya Jan

  27. I love Oriya mqbool Jan

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