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Sun yaara – Episode 11 – 13th March 2017 – Top Pakistani Dramas

Sun yaara is a story of Lala Rukh and her brother Talal. They belong to a very well known and sober family…Talal is a doctor by profession and he has a very arrogant and sophisticated kind of personality.Roshna also likes Talal but she always try to maintain distance from him……Tania is Lala Rukh’s sister in law. She is an antagonist character in the story who wants to marry Talal as well.

Tania always feel ignored by Talal because of his strong and arrogant personality.Due to that ignorance Tania with her conflicting personality destroys her brother’s personal life with Lala Rukh. Mustafa is Lala Rukh’s old friend and he tries to approach her even after her divorce.

Writer: Asiya Mirza

Director: Danish Nawaz


Junaid Khan
Hira Mani,
Faris Shafee
Ghanna Ali
Nida Mumtaz
Ismat Iqbal
Laila Wasti
Hassan Niazi
Asim Mehmood


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  1. One hand talking on the fone , other hand changing gears. No hands on the steering wheel ????!!!!!!!!! At 15.3

  2. sab k nose red red red🙁🙁

  3. I am a kid and I love ary dramas

  4. Nai nasal ko deen ki taleem jo na hi English medium ki taleem ka Asr he

  5. Tadfee se Pehle to Khutam huta nahi ye kiya Deklarahe hen

  6. hira to bht buri lg rhe hy is dramy mn

  7. thodi c lpstk b kam kr dyty hira ki nail polish to shukr hy utar d hy death k bd

  8. papa ki death ho GI aur hira ka makeup lipstick dehko naak taak a gi

  9. Patient in critical condition, CPR going on ,,applying shock… but patient not intubated ..just bagging..

  10. yaar make up limit mai karo ghar mai itna over make up wo b sad scene mai

  11. talal and tania looks lyk siblings

  12. everything is perfect as usual in Pakistani dramas but Lil they should lighten up their makeup 😊😊😊

  13. kon si dunya main is tarha ka makeup hota ha

  14. ya jo laali hy india ki pavitr rishta ki archna jysi lgti hy khaas tor py roty huy

  15. kum uz kum maut per itna makeup nai hona chaye

  16. i love roshni's hair…and love khurram

  17. why couldn't the ladies be working at jobs it makes the story bad that all of them plus Khurram are always sitting around…they could at least say I'm going to the office or school

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