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Top 10 Best Pakistani Drama Serials of Noman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz is a Pakistani television and film actor as well as a TV anchorperson and TV show presenter. Active since 1988, he has played several roles and has been a senior actor on state Television PTV.
Noman Ijaz is a best Pakistani drama Serial actor. In This video i mention top best pakistan dramas of Noman Ijaz, hope you will enjoye Noman Ijaz Top 10 Dramas List.

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  1. Sange mar mar should not be in the list. lt was a terrible drama. Sargoshi should have been part of the list. Ahsas, Sargoshi, Jackson Heights and Khan should be 1-4.

  2. I am biggest fan of Naumaan Ijaz!!! love him to the moon and back!!!

  3. Jackson highest, Khan sang e mer mer, Jo chaly tu Jan se guzer gy, dum pkhat ishaq are best dramas of numaan. a lots of love for numan ijaz. but where is man o salwa . he won lux award for this drama.

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