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Tumhare Hain Episode 04 – 13th February 2017 – ARY Digital Top Pakistani Drama

Tumhare Hain is the tale of three people who are entangled in the relationship of love and friendship. Rayan who is head over heels in love with Aania is aware that she loves him back but her insecurities are larger than her love. Insecurities of the very strong bond of Rayan and his best friend Zoya, the two are inseparable.

Zoya is madly in love with Danial and only to be with him she leaves everything but in the end he leaves her stranded and ditches her. For Rayan his friendship means the world to him which is why he chooses Zoya over Aania and marries her.

Furthermore, when Aania marries another and Rayan is married to Zoya the turn of events lead them to cross paths. Will they ever get over each other? Or how will their marriages be affected if the two are still in love with one another?

Writer: Parisa Siddiqi

Director: Shehrazade Sheikh


Agha Ali as Rayan
Sarah Khan as Aania
Rubab Hashim as Zoya
Ahmed Hassan as Kamil
Hassan Ahmed as Danial
Behroz Sabzwari as Jibran (Rayan’s Father)
Huma Nawab as Kiran (Rayan’s Mother)
Shaheen Khan as Fozia (Danial’s Mother)
Birjees Farooqui as Sameera (Zoya’s Mother) and others.


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  1. kisi ke ghar jaa. kar phele salam tu kiya Kare. aur plz aurtu ko dupptta tu de du dupptte ke bina ladkiyan acchi nai lagti……..😠😠😠😕

  2. ye tu sela drama ky he story hai

  3. basira g tusi sai keha rhy ho

  4. danial ne chor Dena zoya ko

  5. As per pakistani dramas, mulk mein shadi karna hi logo ki ek lauti pareshani hai, Baki sab masle bakwass hai…..#Bankaro sab

  6. beautiful drama I'm waiting next apisod

  7. rayann.. end meein bht ala 😂😂😂

  8. aagh apka to hr drama super hit hota h aap bhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht achche ho. lkn apne jo sara khan ko apni life partner choose kya h plz ap usse better deserve krte ho wo apke sath achchi nhi lgti bht moti hain sara khan…aur utni khubsurat bhi nhi unse bhi bht khubsurat actress hain pakistan me to plz soch smjh kr dcsn lena. khair god bless u👍

  9. shadi ki pehli subha inke paas gajar bhi aa gai.
    aise kaam kar rai the jese 10 saal se kitchen me kaam kr rai hai .

  10. rayaan jsa frnd sub ko mily

  11. Q Bhai khair h? ?? or b esay bht say dramas h jin M dopta ni lia hota. is m Kia nai bt h????? sb m esay e hota h

  12. acha drama h pr kahi khai galt bhi h duptta nahi oda orto ne chiiiii

  13. آج کل تو اگر کوئی لڑکی سر پہ دوپٹہ ڈالے تو لوگ کہتے ہیں بوڑھی لگتی ہو ۔ قسم سے میرا تو بس اللہ رحم کرے سب پر یہ تو ڈرامہ ہیں ۔لکن اصل زندگی میں اپنے خیا کا اور پردے کا خیال رکھیں ۔عورت چاہیے جیسی ہی ہو پر پردے میں ہی اچھی لگتی ہے پردے کے بغیر نا مکمل ہیں ۔۔۔

  14. zoya ky baap kay naseebu main har daramy main dukh hi likhy hain

  15. yar drama achca he story bhi good lag rahi he

  16. kya seekhne ko milega is sy? bhaag jana?

  17. zoeya ne bhttttt galt kiya h

  18. nice drama
    gud acting gud story….

  19. Reyan ka baap kitna selfish h…

  20. parents are innocent because whatever said to them they are right because higher society / lower society that is different because that is up to parents that is it

  21. don t worries about that Allah will handle it just make that dua always dua all the time just keep making extra dua just extra dua

  22. just pray namaz all the time maybe that will help you with that to just recite Quran all the time that is it maybe your daughter will come back into your life for that to that is it

  23. can you trying to find dainal parents house did you check that first and let me know

  24. did you remember that what zoya baji did

  25. rayan bhai did you remember what your friend did to you your friend zoya she is all ready married with Danial bhai but what about her parents what was reactions for that to so just think about your friend okay

  26. do it uncle because you are the parents because parents have right to do that that is it

  27. higher society / lower society that is a different makes Allah will understand that these good situations that is it

  28. uncle you are innocent for that to i am sure of that you are very good young man for that to

  29. uncle you have to eat something because you have to being stay healthy strong for that to okay uncle you should take care of yourself okay uncle just drink a lot of water specially eight glasses okay uncle for your dehydration that is it

  30. relaxations uncle Allah will listen to them soon Inshallah tala

  31. 14.36 one should put his/her house in order than worry about other people.
    (He is not giving enough time to his girlfriend and worry about other people affair )

  32. Great Episode.. what a turn!!.
    Love from india. I really like the actors, especially Ryan performance.

  33. That end part tho 👌🏾

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